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Vixen Valkery by Kohaku-Forsagia Vixen Valkery :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 6 2 Kohaku half body without armor full color 1 by Kohaku-Forsagia Kohaku half body without armor full color 1 :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 6 8 Kohaku with a background! :D by Kohaku-Forsagia Kohaku with a background! :D :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 11 3 Cheshire cat by Kohaku-Forsagia Cheshire cat :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 6 0 Fidelia cLOTHED by Kohaku-Forsagia Fidelia cLOTHED :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 3 0 Fidelia base body by Kohaku-Forsagia
Mature content
Fidelia base body :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 0 36
Kohaku from dungeons and dragons by Kohaku-Forsagia Kohaku from dungeons and dragons :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 7 5 Laxor by Kohaku-Forsagia
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Laxor :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 1 0
Tetra Nitro colored bust! by Kohaku-Forsagia Tetra Nitro colored bust! :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 8 20 Tetra Nitro by Kohaku-Forsagia Tetra Nitro :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 6 16 Kohaku AU bust by Kohaku-Forsagia Kohaku AU bust :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 5 11 I made another art- by Kohaku-Forsagia I made another art- :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 2 18 I don't even know what to call this- by Kohaku-Forsagia I don't even know what to call this- :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 4 8 I drew another thing. by Kohaku-Forsagia I drew another thing. :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 3 2 Harmonix Knight by Kohaku-Forsagia Harmonix Knight :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 9 5 Harmonix Knight outline by Kohaku-Forsagia Harmonix Knight outline :iconkohaku-forsagia:Kohaku-Forsagia 3 22


Tabbes fanart by jls-alicehoppe Tabbes fanart :iconjls-alicehoppe:jls-alicehoppe 19 2 II- The High Priestess by Ioana-Muresan II- The High Priestess :iconioana-muresan:Ioana-Muresan 214 2 Do you feel it? by ryky Do you feel it? :iconryky:ryky 3,851 78 Into the Unknown by GrowLegends Into the Unknown :icongrowlegends:GrowLegends 215 60 Lighting by SourAcid Lighting :iconsouracid:SourAcid 941 18 Power Puffs, all grown up by SourAcid Power Puffs, all grown up :iconsouracid:SourAcid 3,000 143 Power Puffs - V2 by SourAcid Power Puffs - V2 :iconsouracid:SourAcid 2,655 90 Nazi armored soldier division by Hetza5721 Nazi armored soldier division :iconhetza5721:Hetza5721 1,240 130 some days you just feel like gollum by shiniez
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some days you just feel like gollum :iconshiniez:shiniez 3,075 291
reorganizing galleries after a loong joke :) by shiniez reorganizing galleries after a loong joke :) :iconshiniez:shiniez 5,296 320 le art by shiniez le art :iconshiniez:shiniez 7,369 460 Burlesque - [4] by AliceYuric Burlesque - [4] :iconaliceyuric:AliceYuric 133 4 Aya by rururucoffee Aya :iconrururucoffee:rururucoffee 10 3 Mother of Earth [Alarath][Contest Piece] by Salforia Mother of Earth [Alarath][Contest Piece] :iconsalforia:Salforia 41 10 Starbound  OC by tokilei Starbound OC :icontokilei:tokilei 15 3 Floran Ru by bbigreen Floran Ru :iconbbigreen:bbigreen 42 9



Vixen Valkery
I am back with far more improvement!! >:V Beware of my new found power! For I shall abuse it to the highest possible level!

But no for real, I'm back and stuff, kinda. I need to draw more or something- Nah, I just need to post more art. Love the way I colored the skin tho. Slowly mastering the paintbrush tool-
Fidelia cLOTHED
Seee, told ya she had clothes--

You can really see the "I'm dead inside" in those eyes <3

Oh yea, she's also an apprentice monastery priestess, undertaker and funeral director~ She also worships the Raven Queen and is an avenger! 

She's wearing an undershirt, I swear-

Ok so here's my epic tale of my dream that went from 10 to 0 to a solid 20. Read it, it's amazing. (Excuse the grammar and caps because my god I was just overly amazed by the tom fucker displayed in this dream.)

It started off in a fucking half market, half cafe and hALF BASICALLY BALLOON CASTLE. I was a waiter type of thing and a troublesome customer came in (don't get me wrong gurl was cute. Short black hair, brown or blue eyes (I don't completely remember), glasses, but her attitude- just jesus fuck she was a bitch- but anyways, they sent one waiter to take her order and stuff but she went bitch mode and the waiter left looking defeated af. So they sent me, thinking my cuteness will calm the customer and I was like "Are you kidding me-? If he couldn't do it, what makes you think I can?!" Them: "I dunno-". I went out there anyways. She instantly started flirting with me. I was so polite and charming that I couldn't even take her order because her flirting game was strong and I think I was blushing- But after that bit was over, I was climbing my way up a stupid fucking balloon tunnel thinking "wHY IS THIS EVEN HERE?!" all the way up to the third or second floor where the shopping bit was. And they all congratulated me like it was a miracle or some shit. But at some point after that I think some old Japanese elderly looking man came out of no where but I don't know I was blowing into a fucking rolled up cone shaped towel with gold print on it or whatever and making trumpet noises or something, I have no idea, it made me question things a bit but I went with it anyways. I was able to play beautiful music on it and the gold print was like the little holes that helped me make the different sounds, but anyways, the oLDMAN CHALLENGED ME TO HOW FAST WE CAN PLAY IT AND I'M PRETTY SURE I WON BECAUSE HE CALLED ME THE CHOSEN ONE OR SOMETHING THEN IT TIMED SKIPPED AND I WAS DATING SELENA GOMEZ BUT I DIDN'T QUESTION IT BECAUSE AT SOME POINT AFTER A SMALL SHOPPING TRIP I WAS PLAYING MY MAGIC TRUMPET FABRIC, MAKING ALL KINDS OF SICK BEATS WHILE SHE SANG AND ONE MORE MAGICAL TIME SKIP FORWARD AND I WAS AT A CHINESE PLACE AND SHOWED THIS ONE OLDER LOOKING LADY MY MAGIC ABILITIES WITH MAKING FABRIC MAKE TRUMPET NOISES AND SHIT AND THEN I HAD TO GO, BECAUSE ME AND MY FAMILY WERE LEAVING. BUT THIS IS WERE IT GETS SPOOPY AND BY THAT I MEAN TERRIFYING AF BECAUSE AS WE WERE DRIVING A SHADOWY ANGEL WITH GLOWING WHITE EYES STARTED FOLLOWING IS AND MY MOM WAS TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM IT AND I THINK WE RAN ONE OVER BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT BECAUSE I TRIED PLAYING ON MY MAGIC SQUARE FABRIC IN HOPES IT'D GO AWAY BUT I THINK I ENDED UP EATING IT FOR SOME UNHOLY REASON OR ANOTHER- IT JUST KINDA DISAPPEARED INTO MY MOUTH- BUT ANYWAYS, WE WERE BASICALLY TRYING TO OUT RUN THE SHADOW REALM BUT SHADOW REALM WON, BUT WHILE IN THE SHADOW REALM, WE WERE DRIVING BY A DINNER CALLED "MYSTERY SHACK" AND I SAW A BLACK HAIRED BLUE EYED CUTIE IN THE WINDOW (and I have no idea where Selena went but it's whatever) AND I WAS LIKE "MOM WE SHOULD GO EAT AT THAT DINER-" BECAUSE IN MY DREAMS I AM NOT EVEN REMOTELY DEMISEXUAL I AM FULL FUCKING LESBIAN AND I THINK THE ONLY THINK I WANTED TO EAT WAS THAT CUTIE BUT MY MO WAS LIKE "FUCK NO, NOT UNTIL WE GET OUT OF THIS HELL" AND I WAS SAD BUT WE SHOWED UP IN A CREEPY FUCKED UP TON WITH ANGRY FOLK EVERYWHERE AND IT WAS CONSTANTLY NIGHT BUT I WENT INTO AN ARCADE BECAUSE SOME DUDE DARED ME TO SINCE IT WAS HAUNTED BY SOME GHOST. I WENT IN AND SAW A BEAUTIFUL ANIME LOOKING GIRL WITH LONG RAINBOW PASTEL HAIR AND GORGEOUS BLUE OR PURPLE EYES, ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT HER EYES WHERE A PRETTY COLOR, BUT GURL WAS PALE AS A GHOST(LOL IRONIC PUN).



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Kohaku Forsagia
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United States
I just kinda draw when I feel inspired. I have an obsession with the color red, so there's that. I'm terrible at bios so if you want to talk or so something, just shoot me a note or something- I'm always open to friendship! :'D


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Donate at will, I'm just hoping that this will get my motivation to draw going! :'D It's worth a shot since the only motivation I know of, for now, is daydreaming and coming up with a spontaneous idea that will probably not happen- So donate if you feel like it! You guys don't need to unless you want you~ :'3

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Super well drawn Dragons are never off putting, I wasn't even mad- I was like "Oh sweet dragons! :0"
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